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The Best Mouth and Jaw Exercise Tools

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Working out your face muscles has become easier thanks to the introduction of new workout tools. Although we are still fans of chewing mastic gum as the best way to achieve a chiseled jawline, using a jaw exercise tool can also bring desirable results.

Today, there are quite a few devices on the market which promise to tighten your face and give it more definition. Much like any other form of physical fitness, using them requires sticking to a consistent routine. Some mouth exercise tools, like Facial Fitness Ball, boast fast results but at the cost of a more strenuous workout.

We decided to investigate the jaw exercise tools on the market today. Are they worth it? Which are the best? Let’s delve into these questions and more to determine which devices are most effective for making your jawline ‘pop.’

The Science Behind the Jaw Workout

Before jumping into specific jawline exercise tools, it’s important to understand which muscles they target. Any mouth exercise device works out the four muscles responsible for mastication (i.e. chewing). The most important one of these four is the masseter muscle which works with three other muscle groups when chewing. The masseter is among the strongest muscles in the entire body: in fact, it’s so powerful that the net force of these four muscles working together in the jawline can maximally apply some 200 pounds per square inch.

This is the muscle group you’ll be targeting by using mouth exercisers. However, it all depends on the appliance. Some promise a more comprehensive face workout. It’s like working out any other muscle in your body, but be careful not to overdo it: face muscles are far more delicate than other muscle groups, so do not push yourself too far.

For more information on the clinical evidence behind face exercises, please read our article: Do Jawline Exercises Work?

Jaw Exercise Tools to Try: Our Picks

Mouth exercisers are easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Facial fitness also complements regular physical workouts too, because face workouts can easily be done simultaneously with other forms of physical exercise.

The most popular jawline exercise tool on the market now is Facial Fitness Ball


Currently the most popular mouth exerciser on the market,Facial Fitness Ball is a jaw exercise ball that promises results. It works by strengthening over 50 muscles in your face and neck. Meant for daily use, face workouts with Facial Fitness Ball generally last 10-20 minutes.

Depending on how strong your jawline muscles already are, you will have to choose which level of resistance is best for you.Facial Fitness Ball comes in 30 lb. resistance, 40 lb. resistance, and 50 lb. resistance. We would recommend the 20 lb. jaw exerciser ball for starters.

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